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Auto-Roulette - Nº 606 050

The auto-roulette is the only "parlour game", which was produced with the 1:66er series.
It could line up up to 4 "racing drivers" against each other and prove her skill.
The aim of the game was to accelerate the models with a sort of catapult lever in the U-shaped distance
and then according to printing of the field where the model has stopped, the play figure in the middle field
to pause, move up or go back, or to go even again on field "0" to restart.
Who as the first reached field "50", was the winner. In this game are
Ford Capri XL R Rallye, Opel GT 1900,
Porsche 911 S Rennversion, VW Porsche Rennversion
included, but also other models are possible.
The first issue was in 1971, because the success was rather moderate, the production was stopped in 1974.

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